3 days ago

    It will use the best Sony sensor The iPhone 15 camera will significantly improve night photos thanks to this sensor

    Little by little we are learning the first details of the next generation of smartphones Manzana. For example, we know that the manufacturer of the bitten apple could launch a new iPhone SE, in addition to the…
    3 days ago

    Alarm for a new virus Beware of this TikTok challenge: hide a virus that infects your phone

    TikTok It has positioned itself as one of the most popular social networks, thanks in part to its particular usage mechanism, which invites you to do all kinds of challenges. Although you should be careful with the…
    Samsung galaxy
    3 days ago

    It could greatly simplify the entire repair process Samsung prepares an app to make repairing your phone much easier

    Although the mobile division of samsung is at full capacity to present the Samsung Galaxy S23 in February 2023, the manufacturer continues to support all types of devices. And it looks like he’s working on a auto…
    3 days ago

    Twitter owner criticizes Apple Elon Musk charges Apple for removing advertising on Twitter

    Twitter continues to be the focus of attention due to the constant controversies of its current owner. Elon Musk is making rivers of ink flow, and the South African genius has just set the social network on…
    Tesla Motors
    3 days ago

    Musk celebrates the first journey of his trucks after completing a journey of 800 km

    We are in a moment of great change for the transport sector. The private, which is focused on the ranges of the increasingly common SUVs, sedans and utility vehicles, are changing their combustion engines for hybrids or…
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